Businessman. Investor. Technologist.

Akinola Abdulakeem is on a mission to establish equal opportunities and a leveled playing field for small-scale businesses to thrive. His popular software “Swiftspeed Appcreator” has powered over 500,000 apps worldwide, which help individuals and agency develop a mobile app without programming knowledge.


Hello, my name is Akinola Abdulakeem, I am a 23 years old award-winning entrepreneur with thriving online businesses and companies.

This is my personal blog, I focus mainly on business topics, but being a part-time journalist, I write about other trending topics that may be of interest to my readers, My goal is to create insightful and relevant content that you can put to work in your personal and professional life. If you have an online business — or want to have one, then this blog is for you.

I am from Osun State but fully raised in Lagos, Nigeria. As far as I can remember, I have been an extremely competitive person, which inspires me to work very hard. I started my first business selling Tofu (Beske or Wara) at age 6. My Guardian at the time (RIP) gave me the capital which I tripled within a month.

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My Companies

I’m the founder and CEO of Ssu-Technology Limited (Swiftspeed Appcreator), A UK software development company that specializes in mobile application development. Below are some of my well known online companies

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Swift Tmail

A temporary disposable email tool that lets you receive an email that self-destructs.

Invoice Maker

An online company that helps you generate professional invoices and receipts

My Investments


I do a limited number of keynote speaking engagements and business investments each year.


With multiple business ventures on his resume and years of speaking experience, Akinola can inspire and enlighten the crowd at your next event!

Akinola has spoken at business conferences, NGO’s universities, corporate events, and masterminds. He caters his keynotes to the audience, industry, and business level.

When booking Akinola to speak at your event, you’re getting a true business practitioner who shares actionable insights and is not afraid of telling it as he sees it (no fluff) just the plain truth.

Take the next step to enlighten, educate, and inspire your audience while driving traffic to your event.

Growth Accelerator Fund

Akinola loves solving challenging business problems and identifying untapped big growth opportunities.

Growth Accelerator Fund is Akinola’s own capital fund that invests in businesses that have already found their product-market fit and are ready to scale up / experience significantly accelerated growth.

Aside from capital, you also get artifice, resources, and execution assistance in growing your business.

Akinola works closely with each approved entrepreneur and utilizes the power of his broad network and connections in helping them turn their most ambitious goals into reality.

Unlike other business support funds, Growth Accelerator Fund is very selective because Akinola only partners with entrepreneurs that align with his core values and belief.

Achievements & Awards

Akinola is a recipient of many international and local awards. he has been featured in various international publications and media outlets as one of the leading under 30 African Entrepreneurs.

He won University of Ilorin Writer of the Year 2018 and won Entrepreneur of the Year back to back from 2019-2021


My personal blog is focused on sharing my journey and experiences including lessons learned, mistakes made, and big wins, and other topics!

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