Top 20 Nigerian Twitter Brand influencers in 2021

Top 20 Nigerian Twitter Brand influencers in 2021

After five weeks of extensive research, I’ve put together these 20 influencers based on personality and influence using FACTS and STATS.

Remember that this ranking was done after gathering IMPORTANT analytical data, interviews with over 75 influencers to get the top 20 and 15 leading brands they’ve influenced. 

I know you may be asking yourself, “What are the criteria he used” so let me help you with that answer.

Before you proceed, aside from timeline replies to tweets, I have no personal relationship with any influencers on this list at this time. There’s no conflict of interest whatsoever, and I did not request or receive a dime from them to appear here. 

This is fact-based only.

My Criteria for scoring these top 20 influencers are 

  • Individual personality 
  • Num of “active followers.”
  • Internal analytics 
  • external analytics 
  • fake to real followers ratio
  • popularity
  • ability to influence brands

Nigerian Twitter Brand influencers

20. Day Veed @Day_veedd

 I know you checked his profile and probably disappointed by his number of followers but don’t be. Some of your favs have 100k+, and stats show only about 3k of them are active. If he’s capable of getting 2M+ views on a video, imagine what he could do for/to your brand. My external & Personal stats are below. 

According to him, his content is music and relatable tweets. Least he charge for promotion is 10k which is reasonable, and he has influenced for top brand such as 

@GuinnessNGR & @Ciroc 

His followers love him. 11M/month

Nigerian Twitter Brand influencers

19. Alhaji Beardless @SMiTHiE___ 

Popularly seen as a hunter of violence by his audience; regularly trolled for his lack of beards and composing controversial threads on the contentious issues on Twitter, Smithie is in a league of his own.

In my interview with him, he didn’t tell me his charges per campaign, but I guess they are affordable. 

As shown above, he has influenced top brands like @itelNigeria with a total impression on a single tweet getting a 50k-60k impression. 

16M impression per month on average and a reasonable profile with fewer fakes!

Nigerian Twitter Brand influencers

18. Dirty Diana @Dianacoco_ 

Dirty Diana is a 20 years old extremely creative lady. In my interview with her, she said 

“I talk about music and football mostly, sometimes fashion and food too. Sometimes I take pictures.”

Pulling analytics from her profile backed it up. 

Diana, despite losing her old account to Twitter ban, still manages to amass most of her audience back on a new account with an Average of 20Million impressions on her tweets per month 

She’s more of an artist influencer as she has influenced for Kizz Daniel, Chocolate city & Xander 

17. Letter to Jack @Letter_to_Jack

Letter to Jack by his followers is viewed as one of the top intellectuals on Twitter. His contents are usually well-articulated, including but not limited to football, life issues, and politics. 

His recent bants amassed 269 likes in 8min.

I reached out to Jack like everyone else on this list, but he wasn’t very responsive, and He felt reluctant to talk to me. 

But that’s fine; I can’t put him off for that because my external analytics says he’s doing numbers and no one deserves this spot better, see👇🏽 

16. Tife Fabunmi @Tife_fabunmi

Tife, typically identified for his controversial tweets,  bants, and tall physique, has influenced many brands. 

He has worked with big brands like @MTNNG. Check his stats below 

15. Ajibola Grey @TheAjibolaGrey

He is often referred to as legal Juggernaut; he is his top professional and practicing lawyer with a great internet profile and personality. 

That is not all; he’s one of Twitter’s top creatives, amassing his audience with his funny skit where he rants.Ajibola was very friendly and responsive in our interview. He helped me understand some reservations that he only promotes brand that aligns with his vision and POV

And he avoids talking about politics as much as he can. His audience is growing at an unbelievable rate. See stats 👇🏽

Nigerian Twitter Brand influencers

14. Duke of Ibadan @_AsiwajuLerry

Losing his first account to God knows what, oh well, maybe Jack knows why Asiwaju is a top Nigerian influencer who’s incredibly proud of his Yoruba-Ibadan heritage. Controversial to a forte, he probably has the most savage Tweet responses, replies, and comebacks of any Twitter influencers. 

He lost his previous account with almost half a million active followers but recovered pretty quickly in his new account and doing visibly impressive and progressive numbers. See below


13. Vennie @_Vennie 

If anyone is racking up impressionable stats at follower ratio, it’s this lady. 

As referred to herself in our interview “Queen of cruise,” Vennie seems to have accrued her followers through controversial jokes, music bants, and the likes. 

It’s her numbers that fit her on this spot. Having promoted for top brands such as @HypoGoWipeO, as shown above, Vennie has 29million Tweet impressions on an average per month. That’s a scary number. 

My external analytics analyzes her profile as shown below. 👇🏽

12. Wise @Wizebaba 

You’d think he’s wise going by his name, but my personal view is that he’s the opposite. According to him in our interview he said

“I talk a lot about relationships, women, men, marriages adversary, other thing that connects with relationship.”

He has the numbers, 30M+ Impression.

11. RoyZ & Sophie @royzkingin  @90sSophie 

Both users returned the exact stats on analytics. In personality research, Royz is a particularly controversial individual and handsome, while Sophie is the “Prayer Queen” of Twitter. 

See below for stats 👇🏽

10.Motara @_theladymo 

Motara is one of the most diverse in terms of content. A top creative and, as popular referred, “lady of art.” She has a thing for speaking. And she’s helped many brands through voice advert. Her pinned tweet should wow you, for example. 30M+ IMP cap

9. Urpapadycraze @urPapaDeyCraze

Weird name? Yes, he’s a top influencer who has managed to hack influencing for brands with top creativity and amassing unbelievable likes. One-man Soldier, but his active followers immensely love him. Just about 11k of them but internal and external stats show his work rate as the highest of any influencers in the 10-20 and at 77% active followers out of 11k. 

Numbers and his ability to influence brings him here; he’s done it for top brands like @JijiNigeria. With confirmed upward results. 30M+ imp cap!

8. Mbah @Mbahdeyforyou 

He is typically identified and trolled by his followers to buy half plot before 30 (means he’s bald 😉). Mbah is an upbeat and loved influencer on Twitter, absolutely top professional, and has influenced top brands like @johnniewalker_ & @danomilk_ng. 

7. Kussman @kusssman

Kussman is a popular controversial Wizkid top fan. Verified sources stated his PODCAST to be the most listened of any podcast in Nigeria. 

In my interview with him, he said, “African Music & Humor” were how he garnered audience and his number backs the success, see below👇🏽

6. Agba @Oli_Ekun 

Agba is a top Nigerian brand influencer who has taken the true meaning of brand influence to another level with his video skits. He’s an ambassador for Guinness. 

He makes funny video skits to help brands, and his A-game means A-sales for brands. See stats👇🏽

5. Savvy Rinu @SavvyRinu 

Top personality influencer is known for her activism for a better Nigeria. In our interview, she said, “ I have influenced for big brands like @pepsi. “

Her rates seem to be very affordable for an influencer with a 40M cap per month starting at 30k. See stats

4. Kevin Odanz @MrOdanz 

He’s the most controversial of any influencer on Twitter. He’s featured in many controversies in the past and widely popular accounts in the north-central.

In our interview, he said he’s ready to take up promotion for brands that align with his vision

3. Pamilerin @UnclePamilerin

Used to be Pamilerin Omo Iya Ologi. He’s a popular Twitter influencer with his own team of influencers available to take promotions for the brand.

His stats are massive, but he wasn’t responsive as expected to my DM. But oh well, there’s the stats 👇🏽

2. Aproko Doctor @aproko_doctor 

With almost one million+ active followers, which is estimated to be followed by 2% of active Nigerian Twitter users, Aproko doctor may be the Answer to your questions regarding brand promotion. 

He’s popular for his medical thread. See👇🏽

1. Debo Macaroni @mrmacaronii

Deserving of the number one spot, I’m sure you’ll agree because stats and facts are here. 

He’s talented, creative, humble, and a man of the people. Loved by his followers, Mr. Macaroni’s influence is rated at the top with 100M reach per month. 👇🏽

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