Tech is The New Oil, How To Tap from This New Opportunity

Good to have you on my page, so the trending catchphrase now in Nigeria is “Tech is the new oil”: Very well, let us talk about it. First of all, when a Nigerian uses crude oil to describe the level of wealthiness of a person, that can be interpreted as being extremely wealthy. This is because Nigeria’s major source of revenue is Crude Oil. However, Technology seems to be taking over hence the statement ” Tech is the new oil,” Meaning tech is where the money at!!

I will use the new Big Brother Naija prime sponsorer and their associate as examples, Abeg & Patricia; they paid over a million dollars to big brother and outclassed the betting businesses previously in the game.

The general perspectives are that you have to be a programmer with in-depth knowledge of programming to be a part of this industry, but no, I’ll clear things for you in this article, see which part you can choose.

If you want to come into this industry as a normal person with 0 knowledge of programming or software development, you can. I’m going to categorize this industry into four.
The Creatives
The Engineers
The Analysts
Distribution & Marketing

Tech is The New Oil; let us Talk About The Creatives.

The Creatives are easily the best part of this industry for non-technically inclined people. As a creative, you can open a YouTube channel and talk about topics of interest, build a simple blog and covey your thoughts to people, then monetize this using AdSense; people have made millions from this! The best part? There’s no latecomer in this industry; Yahoo was here before Google came and beat them into pulps. For better understanding, did Facebook not completely knocked 2go off their perks? They did. So it’s not late to start anything here.
Also, under creatives, we have Product designers, these people are like architects, but instead of working on the land, they work on mobile. They draw up a product for the engineers to implement. Their own is to draw. They don’t write codes; well, some do relish the knowledge as they expand but are not a necessity for beginners, so you can learn product designing if you can drag a mouse on paper.

These are the best tool to start with

Product designers make an average of 2000-4000$ per project. If you’re part of a product design team of a big tech company like Google, Facebook, and Uber, we are looking at a salary of $15k-$30k per month. Below is what a product design looks like

Tech is The New Oil; let us Talk About The Engineers.

This is where I belong in this industry. It consists of the software or the hardware engineers. The hardware engineers build the main thing, bring and collate the device or equipment body parts together; in your computer science in high school, they will tell you hardware are part of the computer system that can be seen and touched, I’ll use the device you’re using to read this post at the moment as an example.

In contrast, the software engineer builds the program that powers the hardware. Example: iPhone in itself is a hardware device, but what powers it is called iOS (a software) Samsung is a hardware device, but what powers it is (Android OS) Software engineers are responsible for writing this OS (0S- Operating System)

Software engineers are responsible for writing this OS (0S- Operating System) & everything web-related; what they do is write codes! I know the general perspectives are that it is hard, I won’t tell you it’s simple, but it’s learnable with dedication. Software engineers are paid the highest with a salary net ranging from $25k-$40k a month, including bonuses from big techs.
Tech is The New Oil

are helpful organization to start your coding journey for free, you can start with these languages;

  • React
  • Node Js
  • Java (Android)
  • Swift (iOS)
  • Html & CSS
  • JavaScripts
  • Objective
  • C C++

Use google resources and the Grasshopper app to learn, too; if you have money, buy courses on

Some of them are cheap, and that’s what I did when I started; I never had a physical teacher teach me coding. Part of the advantage you have is I’m always here for you. So you can always contact me if you run into problems or a Dev block.

Tech is The New Oil; let us Talk About The Analyst.

Analysts are mostly people that analyze performance data and study the progress of a certain product. Recommend improvements based on data available to them. This is the reason why you see updates on most apps like Twitter. They analyze our usage statistics and improve the app based on them. Data analysis is way easier to learn, and if you passed through a University, you must have done it in some of your statistical courses. Still, if you haven’t, try buying courses on it and getting your certificate, it can get you a job in the corresponding department.

Analyst net ranges from $15k-$25k salary.

Tech is The New Oil; let us Talk About Sales and Marketing.

If you have studied any of these related courses, you can also work with tech companies. We rely on your ability to convince customers to subscribe and renew their current subscriptions. No technical expertise apart from operating a system again, these are what is done by starters in the tech industry, when you get promoted to being the CEO -Chief Executive Officer CTO- Chief Technology Officer COO- Chief Operating Officer Product lead/Manager Then you start earning in the millions.
My Conclusion
Remember, there’s no latecomer in this industry; there’s never been, so you can think of an idea, bring up your own Start-Up if you have the resources, and get going. We have products that hit the market a few months ago and are doing better than the existing ones. Thanks for reading
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  1. Wow! Great read! Please, I have sons aged 10 and 12. How can I guide and introduce them to tech world? Is there any app to visit? Thanks!

    1. Hello, you can search for Grasshopper on Google Play, they can start their coding Journey from there.

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  4. Etimbuk Ekpo says:

    Very rich Information here.
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    Will love to pursue the analysis part (I do have an intermediate knowledge of excel) please how do I start from there?

  5. Thanks for this. I want to become a software developer. html, css , JavaScript and what else do I need to learn?

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  8. God bless you sir, I want to begin my journey in the tech world, and I am starting with HTML your courses online, one day I will come back to this post and tell my progress, this comment is my challenge to stay dedicated and focused.

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