Beautiful Tasks App Made with HTML, CSS & JAVASCRIPT

Let us create a Task app with HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT

Create the following file

  1. task.html
  2. task.css
  3. task.js

and paste the below code


  1. Starry🀄 says:

    this is literally for those using personal computer. What about phone users. How do we accomplish this?

  2. oluwaseun says:

    I copied and pasted the codes in my vscode and my output was different from yours.

  3. Agba, just to ask, in your CSS I can see you have a class of task and also a class of completed but in your HTML file, these classes aren’t included.
    Furthermore am also getting a different outlook when I run the codes.

  4. For the CSS code keep it as style.js you should only really change javascript to task.js for it too work and maybe HTML if it is on a different page.

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