How to Build A Website With or Without Coding

Hi, Let’s explore the possibilities of How to Build A Website With or Without Coding; when I started my journey to becoming a full-stack software engineer, I didn’t start by creating a website using codes out of the box. I started with using tools. There are two ways you can make a website,

  • 1. Using Codes
  • 2. Not Using Codes ( Also called lazy Devs

Using Code To Build A Website

Coders are the leading developer; they are the technical team behind any web/website. You can actualize anything if you can write code in web development. So how do you start your journey? What to learn first?
Web development is not beans; to be sincere, it’s not easy to learn. Only passion and dedication are capable of seeing you through. Most successful devs started it as a hobby; if you’re falling in all motivated by money, you’re most likely going to fall out sooner or later. Let’s talk about what you need as a Dev.
  • 1. Sustainable internet connection (data)
  • 2. PC (a personal computer with at least intel core i3 )
  • 3. Mobile phone (Android, iPhone, or both)
The first thing you are advised to learn as a newbie Dev is HTML and CSS. I’ll provide you with the resources that you need. Go to freeCodeCamp and register as a student; they have free courses on HTML and CSS. You can also learn online for free using W3SCHOOL. You can also learn on SOLOLEARN App or Google Grasshopper after you’re done learning HTML & CSS, which should take about two weeks to learn with unhindered consistency. Then can proceed to learn.

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Note: CSS is comprehensive, so you’ll learn more on the job; get the basics. The above app I recommended will help you learn JavaScript; it’s a lot more complicated than HTML and CSS; the truth is things get easier as you proceed with your learning curve. Having gained insights into these languages then you’ll download an IDE tool on your system. This is the tool that will guide you on how to build a website.

You can use Any IDE to run your code, but for me, I use Vscode. You can watch this tutorial on introductions on how to build a website.
These are the basics that you need to build a website; in future threads, I’ll dig deeper into teaching you how to write codes but for now, let us continue. This is not all; it doesn’t make you a real Dev yet. There are still many languages to learn.
Then you can choose to either be a frontend or backend developer. Other languages that you can learn are React native Angular Js Node Js PHP MYSQL Python Flutter C C++ But the basics you need to know as a web developer are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as listed above.
If you’re well to do, you can take courses from Udemy or Udacity for proper certifications. You’ll turn out better as you get jobs; it gives you a sense of assignments by fulfilling your client’s requirements. The learning scope for devs is unending. I’m still learning too

Website development with ( No Code )

I started my web development journey for clients using this option. Many of you are familiar with CMS (content management tools) like WordPress, Wix, Opencart, Drupal, and so on WordPress is widespread, according to Statista, about 64million website in the world uses WordPress.
It’s prevalent because of its diversity and a large community of developers constantly improving it by building plugins. How do you make a website using CMS like WordPress? To build a website, you need three things:
  • 1. A domain name
  • 2. Hosting / Server to put your website content
  • 3. Understanding Software used by your hosting provider

You can acquire a domain and host from just anywhere; N10,000 should be enough to get started with at least 15Gig of space. I’ll recommend Upperlink.

You need to understand the software they are using to power up their hosting environment; this may be Cpanel, Plesk, Vesta CP, or Virtualmin. It’s simple; most hosting uses CPANEL, so follow this tutorial to install WordPress from Cpanel.
Let me reiterate the steps.
  • Buy a domain name something like ( with a hosting
  • Install WordPress Using the tutorial above
  • Start Customizing your WordPress and managing your content.

This is basically how most blogs are built. Many people prefer to use the already hosted WordPress because it’s free. That’s when you see something like ( The disadvantage of this is you cannot monetize and make money from this type of blog unless you upgrade with or use The process I stated above. You have two options to choose from; you can define your journey and decide which to start with. Now let’s round off with advantages and disadvantages of using either of these.

Advantages of Using Codes to Build A Website
  1. It’s more efficient; you can add or remove anything at your own will
  2. You will have coding knowledge & privileges to apply for jobs at big techs
Disadvantages of Using Codes to Build A Website
  1. It takes time; we are looking at six months
  2. It may be cumbersome and tiring for people to learn
Advantages of using No Code Solution To Build A Website
  1. It is swift; you can complete your site in hours -it’s cheap and affordable
  2. No coding knowledge is required
Disadvantages of Using No Codes to Build A Website
  1. It has limitations


  1. Folawiyo Farouq says:

    Thank you very much Mr. Akinola Abdulakeem, I’ve been learning coding since the beginning of this year (January 2021) and I’ve understood both HTML & CSS. I have limited knowledge about the CSS tho, but I’m still having problems with .JS. Kindly tell me the things to know under JavaScript. Thanks.

    1. Hi Farouq, my advice is to be consistent with your learning curve, and you will be in a good place before the year is over. I wish you success.

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