Misconceptions About Tech Industry

5 Misconceptions About Tech Industry and People In It

Let’s get to the point. Here are 5 Misconceptions About Tech Industry that you or others may have about tech and its people.

5. That You Can Turn Millionnaire in 2 Months

This particular misconception about the tech industry is prevalent. Except you’re speaking about A Crypto trader, like every other job; it takes time for many people to be successful in techs. For me, good sleep, a good time, enjoyment, is the littlest thing I have had to sacrifice. I’m not saying money doesn’t come fast for some, but 90% of tech entrepreneurs work their asses off! See the picture below will help.

Misconceptions About Tech Industry

4. You need significant resources (money) to get started

Actually, you don’t; if you’ve got a system, mobile data, and a little bit of dedication, then you’re as good as a go, even on a mobile phone. When I started my journey, I began from YouTube videos, used @googledevs resources, and applied for @Andela scholarships for African countries. All I needed was everything listed above. Unless you want to invest in an existing startup, you don’t need $50k stashed somewhere to feel the part in here. I talked about which part of tech you may fit in here.

3. Tech companies only recruit engineers

This is another massive misconception about the tech industry; hell no, there are various roles that non-technically inclined people can apply to work in a tech company. Example, HR, ER, Accountancy, Legal department, Product Sales. Tech enthusiast makes the product, yes, but most of us are not precisely specialists at marketing it, and we usually require the expertise of someone in the corresponding field. If you have certificates in the above listed best bet is to get your CV dusted and look for some good techs company on Linkedln to forward your CV.

2. Tech is hard, especially software development

Except you’re a lazy person who wants quick money without having to work, tech isn’t hard. Thank God for WordPress and Swiftspeedapp; you don’t even have to be vast with coding to develop a website or mobile app. This CMS (Content Management System) allows you to create a website and a mobile app without writing a line of code. The world is gradually advancing to No code development.

So even if you’re lazy to learn to code, as long as you’re not so lazy to operate a computer and drag a mouse on paper, you can create a marketable product using “no-code” tools. We will learn how to use these tools in future articles and the proven success stories of customers and people close to me. So brace up

1. Tech entrepreneurs are not that rich!

Should we open the book already? Because the first three world richest men are technologists. Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zukerberg, even Warren. Misconceptions About Tech IndustryFootball money doesn’t even come close; yes, they may not have the best of fashion sense but don’t write them off when it comes to business. Abeg app outclassed all previous BBN (Big Brother Naija) headline sponsors with a net investment of 1Bnaira. Stripe, the world’s largest fintech company, acquired Paystack last year for $200m.

Conclusion on Misconceptions About Tech Industry

If you’re dedicated to being successful here and building a product with a large customer base, you’re on your I’d be available to answer sensible questions in the comment. “Tech is the new oil; it is where the money at” sleep on this at your own risk

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